Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ragtriever and Saniterrier

Inspired by Bogleech's 151 Poison Pokemon, I created a pair of Poison/Normal Pokemon.That is a heck of a weird combo! Poison's resistance to fighting types negates the normal type's vulnerability to an elemental weakness that many Pokemon have access to, and his normal typing renders him immune to ghost-type moves. Which doesn't really help a whole bunch, but it's really interesting, I guess! Anyway, look at how cute he is!
The Ragdog
Pure Normal
Ragterrier, the ragdog Pokemon, starts out with Tackle and Sand Attack. His special attack, Dust, does extra damage if it's used after any ground-type moves and has a reduced priority as a result.

RAGTRIEVER use their handkerchief-like bodies to sweep up dust. Huge herds of RAGTRIEVER are believed to have congregated to cause dust storms.
The Bleach Pokemon
Ragtriever evolves to Saniterrier at level 36, where it gains a Poison typing and starts learning poison moves like Poison Gas and Sanitize. Sanitize clears status effects from Saniterrier and all allied Pokemon..

SANITERRIER glides around on a layer of toxic bleach saliva. These Pokemon are often employed to clean restaurants and Pokemon centers.
My friend asked what would happen to an eevee if it was exposed to a kidney stone, and well, I had an answer allllll ready. This is her joke, but I figured hey, I'm already drawing Pokemon today, what's one more?

Hepateon's special power is "Renal Failure", which means that Hepateon is automatically poisoned at the beginning of each turn.

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