Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Curry Recipe Mk. II


2 chicken breasts
1 bell pepper (diced)
2 yellow onions (diced)
1 can coconut milk
2-3 habaneros (diced)
1 cup rice
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon red curry paste

garlic salt

Shake can of coconut milk. Open can, and mix together until interior is uniformly liquid.

Put 1/2 can coconut milk in pan on high, mixed with oil and curry paste. Cook until oil separates from coconut milk. Add in diced chicken slices. Cook until chicken is mostly done, then add in diced veggies.  Allow to cook until chicken is complete. Reduce heat, and add in remainder of coconut milk. Lightly dust with turmeric and cinnamon.

In separate pot, boil rice (1 cup rice + 2 cups water + dash of oil) until rice has absorbed most of the water.

Mix curry and rice together in slow cooker on low heat.

An excellent potluck meal!