Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Night Vale Update: Khoshekh

I'm updating my Welcome to Night Vale  LEGO set. Cecil's soundboard has been improved. And I've added something special:  Khoshekh, hovering by the sink in the Men's room. This comes together to form a triptych: Cecil, at his booth. Carlos, listening to the radio while experimenting on a clock. And now Khoshekh.

I've started designing other spaces, although I don't think Station Management has enough popular capital to sustain it has part of this set design. Much like Kevin and Desert Bluffs Community Radio, I like the builds a lot, but I also don't think they're particularly marketable. I think it would look good in pure black, possibly with a light brick low and underneath, casting everything in an eerie glow.

The glass is removed for the sake of clarity in one of the pictures above. All whipping tendrils in the dark office. Pretty cool, right?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome to Night Vale LDD: Abandoned Concepts

While I've been working on these Welcome to Night Vale LEGO designs,  This turns into a lot of junked designs as I hammer through stuff.

Desert Bluffs

Kevin's desk is identical to Cecil's in every way but redone in orange and yellow, with bloody hands and a bone microphone. And unlike Cecil, he has a skull for a face. Ultimately I felt like building the exact same thing twice with slightly different colors would be boring, and that Kevin wasn't interesting enough on his own to warrant a part in this playset. Carlos provides a much more interesting foil for this set.

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