Monday, September 7, 2015

LEGO LDD: Welcome To Night Vale

I'm working on updating my Welcome To Nightvale fan project to include some ideas from commenters. I decided to eliminate the BLOOD STONE CIRCLE in favor a more poignant and character-driven set: Carlos' laboratory.

Carlos' lab consists of a workbench, stool, and desk with four drawers. He's experimenting on a clock. Clocks... don't work in Night Vale. Time doesn't work in Night Vale. And he wants to find out why. In the picture above he's also listening to Cecil's show while he works.

Some of the different options for what Carlos could have on his desk. I really like the clock, but I wanted to capture some other ideas. The first here is a a collection of complicated science equipment. The second contains three shelves of science materials. The last is a micro-model of the Nonexistent House in the Desert Creek Housing Development. A hinge on the back wall allows Carlos to tinker around inside the model.