Thursday, May 14, 2015

TF2 Lego MOC: The Hospital Mark 2

I redesigned the LEGO hospital to work as a standalone building set. With 840 pieces, it's my largest build yet. Still working on tightening up the architectural complexity, but I quite like the look of the windows, which I think mirrors the actual design of the hospital nicely.

This hospital has a modular design, a central building with two small wings. The central building has a laboratory on the first floor, with a fridge, a blood sample, and a small medkit. A ladder leads to the second level, which has the operating room.  A nice bed, some cupboards, some tools. Like, you know. Reflex hammer, syringe. Chainsaw. Disembodied heart. The basics.

The wing on the left side is the waiting room. It's got your standard waiting room accoutrement. Orange chairs. Some threadbare little plants. A birdcage on the roof. An unexploded shell still jutting from the smoldering wreckage.

The right side wing is the Medic's personal locker room. Some medipacks, some syringe guns. Extra lab coats. The lab coats aren't pictured here since the LDD doesn't know that minifig torsos fit into 1x1 upright holders.

This set would come with a Heavy, a Medic, some foes, and an ubercharged Heavy Medic team.

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