Monday, May 4, 2015

LEGO MOC: The Hospital

Number five in my TF2 MOC series, the Medic has long been one of my favorite classes. The Victorian operating theater was originally going to be the Medic's hospital lab, but I'd decided to go for a less branded set that backfired--it was still too violent for Lego. 

I kind of regret the diorama style, here. There's a lot of unused space for a playset and it feels kind of flat. Because... it's pretty flat. But I have a lot of fiddly details that I'm pretty proud of some of them. Outside of the operating room is the waiting room we see in "Meet the Medic" Pretty straightforward, although I like the ticket counter.

 The medic's fridge is visible  in the front corner, there. The spy's head is visible on the bottom there, and there's the megababoon heart.

On the other side we have the Medic's locker room. Two medipacks and a medigun next to a bench! There's some bones there. Don't... don't ask about those bones. They're nobody's bones.

Nobody's Shhhhhhhh.

Here's the protoype wall-mounted medigun keeping the Heavy alive while the Medic performs surgery. And here's the heart with the uber meter, sitting on a table near the stretcher

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