Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lego Design: The Operating Theater

I started playing with the Lego Digital Designer recently. As I come up with new builds and MOCs, these will join the list of things I'm sharing. Screwdle has always been a way for me to document the creative projects I'm working on, and this is just another fun extension of that! 

The Operating Theater

The main level of operating theater features an octagonal backdrop, with recessed alcoves for a bust of Hippocrates and a model skeleton. Green walls and medium-brown wainscoting give the design a distinctively Victorian flavor; although the tone isn't quite right, it seemed appropriate that this facility be painted with Scheele's Green paint. If I had to redo it, however, I'd probably try to go for a slightly more medical flavor; white walls with blue or sand green accenting where the wainscoting is. I may still do it; I rely too much on browns and grays. The octagonal walls were perhaps the most difficult part to do right in a digital medium. Getting the walls to line up so that the N/S and E/W facing walls would click onto the pegs and support the hinged wall segment required (if you're curious) one to be at 29.45' and the other to be at 60': using a 30' angle left many of the floor pegs inaccessible

 I'm particularly proud of the bust of Hippocrates, which I'd originally felt should be situated on a shelf in the Dr. Merriwether's office but I had an extra alcove already. Right now a doctor's private office is a low priority, too. I have lots of laboratories I think I'd prefer to build first.

A detail of the medicine cabinet, lamp, and cuckoo-clock on the wall. The lamp is a socket wrench with an ice-skate forming the decorative flourish on top.

The cuckoo clock uses feathers to represent the weights that drive the pendulum mechanism.

A detail of Dr. Merriwether with her patient. In retrospect, a screwdriver makes for a more convincing scalpel than the diving knife I used here, but I don't think there's any piece that makes for a more convincing minifig heart than an upside-down apple.

And last but not least, a detail of the sink, track lighting, and work table.  A scale allows the doctor to measure organs collected during her work.

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