Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Shorty: Gotham

"Hey, we're making a Batman-themed ultragritty police drama."
"Will there be powerful, independent women?" 
"Shit, yeah, dog. There'll be tons of tough ladies! And domestic abuse." "Awesome! And, wait what?"
"Oh, domestic abuse. Yeah, you know Batman's colorful entourage of villains that commit cute themed robberies?"
"Well, we replaced all that boring, kiddy stuff with more realistic villains. Like a guy who abducts women, forces them to wait on him hand and foot for weeks, and then ties them up and murders them. No costume or anything. Just a regular guy. We call him The Ogre because it sounds cooler than an appropriate modus operandi nickname like Bluebeard or King Henry or Praying Mantis"
"But there will still be Batman stuff, right?"
"Oh, sure, sure. Every episode the whole cast will stare into the camera chanting /Batman, Batman, Batman/ in a haunting monotone for five minutes. It'll make you totally forget you're basically watching what Criminal Minds would be if their Standards and Practices department ate a bad batch of mescaline."
"...That actually sounds radical."

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