Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Concept: Springroot and Potato Battery

In my blog On The Subject of Team Fortress I spend a lot of time doing speculative game design: developing interesting or unusual weapon ideas for Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 is no longer the only game I play with any regularity and it's no longer the only game that receives a fair amount of support and attention from its devs. With Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare occupying a lot of my time, and also that Peashooter design contest, I decided to put together some new concepts.

The Springroot
Spikeroot Alternative
The Spikeroot decided to go out and get a stylish new 'do! A little plant shampoo, a little rootspray, some curlers, and BAM! Look at that bounce! Zombies who step on the Springroot will be tossed away. When they land, they'll take damage and be briefly stunned.

As a side benefit, when a Chomper jumps on top of a Springroot, he also gets thrown up in the air, granting access to high-reach areas previously inaccessible to Chompers!

The Potato Battery
Potato Mine Alternative
He swallowed that battery on a dare, not realizing it was made from a ring given to a fighter pilot by an order of an intergalactic peacekeeping unit, and it gave him superpowers! At least, that's how the Potato Battery tells it.

A variant of the standard Potato Mine, the Potato Battery deals less damage, but when he SPUDOWS! he releases a chaining electrical attack as well.

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