Saturday, September 7, 2013

Demon Doodles

I've got demons on the brain. It's been driving me up a wall, actually, because while I love these guys I want to draw other stuff. Whenever I try to think of anything else, they come clawing their way back. If I try to think about them, I hit a wall. 

Stumpy up there has given me the most trouble. He's a drummer with a drum-kit car. The drum kit car has been bothering me, so I was skipping it to focus on Stumpy himself. Immediately Rick Allen from Def Leppard came to mind: a one armed drummer, are you kidding me? That's an iconic look and it breaks the expectation that a monstrous drummer be an octopus. The mustache is from Neil Peart, but it's way too much.

Look, if you can get this off my brain with something distracting, I'll be infinitely grateful.

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