Saturday, August 24, 2013

OTRSPoD Trenchcoat

Zeboyd Game has a ton of excellent items in their On The Rainslick Precipice series, as I have touched on before when I drew the Knitters way back in whenever I did that. I'm not going to look it up. My favorite item from the game is the Trench-coat. A coat that allows the wearer to defend all of his allies when he assumes a defensive position. Or she! It might also be a lady wearing the sassiest new fashion from the Maginot Line. But I don't care about the item's qualities in-game. It's "qualities" being the aforementioned group defense and a decent stat bonus.

No, I care about the name and concept of a coat, that is also a trench. A Trench-Coat. Just kind of revel in that for a minute. So I decided to draw it, a decision that was ultimately a mistake that I'm still going to share with you guys.

So that's what that drawing is, up there. It's the trench-coat design in its first iteration. Enjoy it. Revel it in the barbed wire and sandbag epaulettes. The searchlights adorning the brim of the fedora, and the complete absence of anything else that might indicate that it is, in fact, a visual pun.

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