Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playing With Voices

In addition to drawing silly pictures and writing silly ideas, I also do silly voices! This first video is me, rocking a thinning hairline and a series of impressions of orc, troll, goblin, and ogre voices from Warcraft 2. The trolls are my favorite, but I think I might do a whole line of Orc voices once my throat has recovered. If you have a funny thing you want me to say with a funny voice, leave it all up in the comments section and I'll do my best to mangle your pristine funny with my noisemaker.

An aside to actual voice talent: if you know what you're doing, I'd love to hear your take on my technique. I learned mostly by watching Billy West give interviews. Tell me what I'm doing wrong, I love improving.
  And here's an improvised monologue I did with my King Candy impression. Don't ask me where it came from, I was just sitting in my living room and it kind of struck me. But I have a lot of fun doing these!

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