Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weird Heroes: The Gnome Gnight

The Gnome Gnight is actually a party of five Gnomes, attempting to pass for a human warrior while traveling through the notoriously xenophobic Human Realms. Coron, the leader of the party, serves as the head--the most literate and boasting the deepest voice, he can comfortably pass as a human head.  Hale controls the left hand--bad tempered but loyal and obedient, he's in charge of swinging the sword. Hari is the right hand man, in the sense that he literally controls the right hand. Fez-wearing Fole drives the Left Extensible Boot, with his companion Fori drives the right. Inseparable comrades, they form one fork that might kick back.

While disguised as a human, a Gnome Gnight will always attempt to preserve their cover in combat. However, in desperate situations the Gnome Gnight may resort to throwing members of the party at attackers--although a dangerous maneuver,  they've yet to meet a foe who can rally when he's got a gnome on his face.

Part of the Weird Heroes series, the Gnome Gnight was inspired by the gnomes from Gravity Falls. I loved the idea of five little dudes working together to disguise themselves as a human, and I thought they might be fun as the protagonist of a story or a campaign. Obviously they'd need some rules drawn up about combat for them, but it'd be enjoyable to watch a player roleplay five gnomes, with the option to add or subtract as the situation warrants--it's a rare situation where you can fire your left leg, if you so choose.

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