Sunday, November 11, 2012

Accepting Requests

Last week I started on a third version of my favorite painting, The Hood, only this time carefully formulated so that it could be printed, in all its digital glory, over at deviantArt. Working on a 36" canvas was a new experience for me, especially because it meant I was zoomed out way more than I'm used to... but my lines look smoother. Way more opportunity for detail, and I'd changed some material details. Tried to get the whale skeleton to look more BA, add a dragon skeleton, that sort of thing.

Then, without thinking, I left my computer on overnight, with my fan off. The fan is a crucial component to my crotchety, busted-A rig, and without the fan the computer soon overheated and shut down. It was okay though, I'd saved a backup copy that, while it would probably lack transparency and take me hours to fix, would at least have all the work I'd done thus far.

Or so I thought. Anyway, I didn't actually make the save and right now I'm thinking that I don't want to try and draw that picture again, not for right now. I don't know who reads this, but if you've got an idea for something you want me to draw right now, well, I could use a little switch in my thinking.

Let me know!

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