Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Dammed Mountains

The Lake of Life is  result of a miraculously still functioning hydroelectric dam that provides power to the City of Eb, its water is provided mostly by snow and glacier melt from the major Anterior alps, draining through networks of mountain caves. As such, at its depths the water is believed to be saturated with heavy life gas. The effects were not well studied before the Eblonians went extinct but it generally has an interesting effect on wildlife in the area: many animals continue right on living after they've died.

Most curious of the high altitude freshwater lake is an unusual aquatic predator and prey: the inland Leopard Seal, and the aquatic sloth. Leopard seals are apex predators within the lake, weighing nearly half a ton and reaching three meters in length. Aquatic sloths (or thalassans) are large herbivores that eat grasses deep in the lake. Other animals in and near the lake include ghost deer, loons and a number of rodents, including squirrels, chipmunks and muskrats.

Another drawing of Celie where she looks too skinny. She's actually a bit posh, the dear girl, growing up amongst those medical types. It occurs to me that I tend to draw Celie for my blog way more than I draw her anywhere else. Here I dispensed with her normal togs, because I've been trying to get her into an outfit that more suits the environment and reminds me less of her fundamentally cribbed design overall. I like the gloves: taking them off creates for innocuous moments of intimacy and putting them back on makes her hands look huge and tough. Somewhat ironically for something that should by rights be doctors' gloves, they call to (my) mind individually articulated boxing gloves.

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