Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Corporate Headhunter

Another RED managerial type, this is the Corporate Headhunter. He's tasked with finding new recruits for the company. At a well-run company that wasn't competitive with a single, equally helpless competitor, he might get to fly jets, drive fancy cars, and take prospective employees to nice dinners, but RED isn't exactly aiming for the sharpest pieces of gravel in the pit. As such, he mostly hangs out at job fairs and bars, schmoozing gun enthusiasts, eccentrics, and people who won't be missed.

Editorial: Yes, I realize he looks exactly like the sniper, and there has to be a "business casual" look other than team-colored shirt and tie combo. Maybe a vest. As always, feel free to make suggestions, berate me or pull my hair in the comments section below.

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