Wednesday, September 19, 2012


After drawing the Apocalypt and realizing I'm really bad at delivering daily updates, I decided to draw my favorite character from OTSRPoD 3, Jim. Now, Jim is lucky because he's a cross section of two of my favorite things: skeletons, and disembodied heads. You might say I just really like skulls, but that doesn't quite capture it.

Jar, Pitcher, Beaker, Crockpot, Urn

On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 is actually a pretty fun game. Jerry Holkin's writing returns for another glorious game, full of cunning punning and sublime rhyme. I'm kidding, I actually just liked "cunning punning" and needed a second rhyme. The rhyming in OtRSPoD is pretty ordinary, you know, poetry about dead gods lapping at pools of blood.

Anyway, the :"game" aspect is a lot of fun. The various class pins allow you to customize your experience in a way the previous OTRSPoD didn't allow, but at the same time very carefully organized leveling means you never have to grind in order to compete with the latest boss.

My problem with the game was purely aesthetic: I didn't get to see a lot of the stuff I wanted to see, i.e. weapons, accessories or items. Stuff like Stone Ground Mustard Gas or even something as simple as the Twin Hoe were inexplicably compelling to me in a way that the new items weren't. The lack of in-game visuals for weapons, on the bright side, means I get to design them here.

The enemies were also... there were a lot of them and they were fun, but the first two games emphasized costumed humans (hobos, mimes, clowns, psych ward inmates) over monstrous enemies, and given the character's habit of reminding you that you were often murdering people in the street, it felt like a "thing". New Arcadia had monsters in the old game, but most of the enemies were humans. It felt like the truly weird stuff--the hat spiders and animate trash--were shoved in corners; they were genuinely paranormal, rather than being "six things you'd find in the everyday Arcadian home". Bah! I'm putting too much thought into this.

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