Friday, July 13, 2012


Another guy from my game idea. His whole thing was clearing brush by starting fires. Obviously, in a game where you manage a farm, garden, and yard, the "monsters" you'd face are a mix of encroaching weeds (dandelions, box elders, thistle) and pests (earwigs, gophers).

He's sort of a fire-fighter type, starting controlled burns to push out enemies and weeds while also clearing land for the farmers. IF you're wondering about his doofy pose, he was originally going to be throwing a molotov cocktail.

He evolves by feeding farmers chili peppers, maybe. Not sure about the evolution thing.

Some attack ideas:
-sets an uncontrolled fire that spreads quickly
Raze the Roof
-fire attack that harms buildings
-converts a planted sqaure into "dry brush"
Controlled Burn
--Instantly turns a limited range into burned patch
--smoke attack makes enemies sleepy

Burned patch square: High nutrient value, 0 burnability
Dry Brush: 10 burnability

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