Monday, July 30, 2012


Ah, the Badger. Another class from my farming RPG, the Badger was originally named that because I thought "mole" was cliched for a guy who digs around, and "gopher" sounded too goofy. Plus, I am proud to be Wisconsin educated and making him a crazy Badger sounded like fun. If you think he's like a Dirtomancer from Erfworld, that is fine.

So I was trying to figure out roles, as I'm sure I mentioned before, and the Badger became a kind of transport class. He would dig tunnels that allowed allies greater mobility around the battlefield, but making him a one-trick pony like that is obviously problematic.The "badger" in his name contributed some buff-administering power by implying that he would badger allies into moving faster or hitting harder, but it sounds kind of schmaltzy when I explain it out loud. So I just sort of expanded him in all directions.

So, a short list of ideas I had, because I love short lists of dumb ideas:
Rabbit Hole
teleportation spell
Saps enemy wall
Make a Hole

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