Saturday, June 23, 2012


I've been drawing Kingsley for about four years now and I still don't know how I feel about him. He's the most recent incarnation of my "author insert" type character. Fair haired, slight build, hopeful demeanor, he's a slightly better rendering of more or less the same kid that I've been drawing since 2000 or so. Kingsley became "Kingsley" (as opposed to Alex née Adam née Julius) when I started shifting gears away from the story of Julius and the Seventh Heaven and more towards the Land of Giants "story" I'm working on now.

Some details about the character: he's missing his left eye, which was replaced with an artificial glass eye that lights up when a current is run through it. The generator he wears on his belt generates that current. He has more pouches on his belt, which contain... berries? Nails? Pamphlets? Who knows.

His jacket was originally this high-collared ordeal, like a chef's, but at some point it became Fry's jacket from Futurama and I have no idea how or why. The only difference, really, is the sleeves: King always wears his sleeves rolled to the elbow. I think he has stuff in there?

As a character, he's very athletic (although I guess all my characters are). Good natured but skittish, he's easy to startle but hard to faze. Unmotivated and passive, he follows instructions doggedly but will wander helplessly without direction.