Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ragtriever and Saniterrier

Inspired by Bogleech's 151 Poison Pokemon, I created a pair of Poison/Normal Pokemon.That is a heck of a weird combo! Poison's resistance to fighting types negates the normal type's vulnerability to an elemental weakness that many Pokemon have access to, and his normal typing renders him immune to ghost-type moves. Which doesn't really help a whole bunch, but it's really interesting, I guess! Anyway, look at how cute he is!
The Ragdog
Pure Normal
Ragterrier, the ragdog Pokemon, starts out with Tackle and Sand Attack. His special attack, Dust, does extra damage if it's used after any ground-type moves and has a reduced priority as a result.

RAGTRIEVER use their handkerchief-like bodies to sweep up dust. Huge herds of RAGTRIEVER are believed to have congregated to cause dust storms.
The Bleach Pokemon
Ragtriever evolves to Saniterrier at level 36, where it gains a Poison typing and starts learning poison moves like Poison Gas and Sanitize. Sanitize clears status effects from Saniterrier and all allied Pokemon..

SANITERRIER glides around on a layer of toxic bleach saliva. These Pokemon are often employed to clean restaurants and Pokemon centers.
My friend asked what would happen to an eevee if it was exposed to a kidney stone, and well, I had an answer allllll ready. This is her joke, but I figured hey, I'm already drawing Pokemon today, what's one more?

Hepateon's special power is "Renal Failure", which means that Hepateon is automatically poisoned at the beginning of each turn.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Curry Recipe Mk. II


2 chicken breasts
1 bell pepper (diced)
2 yellow onions (diced)
1 can coconut milk
2-3 habaneros (diced)
1 cup rice
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon red curry paste

garlic salt

Shake can of coconut milk. Open can, and mix together until interior is uniformly liquid.

Put 1/2 can coconut milk in pan on high, mixed with oil and curry paste. Cook until oil separates from coconut milk. Add in diced chicken slices. Cook until chicken is mostly done, then add in diced veggies.  Allow to cook until chicken is complete. Reduce heat, and add in remainder of coconut milk. Lightly dust with turmeric and cinnamon.

In separate pot, boil rice (1 cup rice + 2 cups water + dash of oil) until rice has absorbed most of the water.

Mix curry and rice together in slow cooker on low heat.

An excellent potluck meal!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"I Am From" Poem

I am from the sound of traffic
in the distance, filtered by a mile of pine
I am from snot-yellow pollen, swelling my eyes and nose
I am from the stacks--books, not pancakes
From paper that's seen a century turn
and paper so new it'll make your nose burn
I am from the Hebrew: "son of the right hand"
And the German: in a certain light, you might call it a papermaker
I am from days with two sunrises.
From Lake Lachrymose, the Indigo Plateau, and from a network of secret tunnels a dozen universes wide.
I am from a brick wall and a spotlight.
An unexpected guest on the other side of an unopened door
A chicken at a crosswalk.
Knock Knock: I am from the Answer

Monday, December 28, 2015

Openers and Closers

Twenty two years ago, Roger Zelazney wrote his final book, called A Night In the Lonesome October. The book casts some of the West's most classic monsters as players in a cosmic Game to either open to door for the Elder Gods to pave over our world and construct a new one, or to shut the door and keep the world like it is.

The Game takes place over the month of October, with the players arriving and spending the month getting ready for the ritual at the end of the month. This includes gathering items of power, performing ritual sacrifices, collecting herbs, and of course surreptitiously sabotaging one another. Membership in the two sides--the Openers and the Closers--is kept secret for much of the month. Players find that knowing who the others are inspires sabotage, whereas anonymity breeds cooperation.

Players construct a home base where they perform their ministrations. The book's hero, Snuff, together with his master, Jack, collect monsters to serve as body guards during the final rituals in the game, gather body parts from the cemetery and weirdly specific items from town (a scrap of a green dress stolen from a woman with red hair). These home bases also figure into a complex piece of calculus for the location of the Game's ritual, at the center of which an altar must be placed.

This sounds like a really interesting video game! A team game where, for much of the match, you don't really know who your teammates are. Perhaps each player selects the side they're on. Then they're given tasks and strengths and weaknesses. Your character can't do every task on their own, so you have to collaborate, but someone who can help you out might work for the opposite faction, so you have to keep it secret. 
So I envision a game going like this. You're given a side: openers or closers, and a series of tasks. You awaken on a map, and must select your home base, and set about defending it while completing your tasks. You investigate your neighbors to determine whether or not they're allies, if they can help you with your task or not. You might build trust with people, trading information on third parties. Or you might just try to poison everybody and take all the glory for yourself.

I picture a game that is full of secret monsters, spells and traps. A combination of a Lovecraft fantasy story, Assassin's Creed multiplayer mode, and a team based objective game.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Night Vale Update: Khoshekh

I'm updating my Welcome to Night Vale  LEGO set. Cecil's soundboard has been improved. And I've added something special:  Khoshekh, hovering by the sink in the Men's room. This comes together to form a triptych: Cecil, at his booth. Carlos, listening to the radio while experimenting on a clock. And now Khoshekh.

I've started designing other spaces, although I don't think Station Management has enough popular capital to sustain it has part of this set design. Much like Kevin and Desert Bluffs Community Radio, I like the builds a lot, but I also don't think they're particularly marketable. I think it would look good in pure black, possibly with a light brick low and underneath, casting everything in an eerie glow.

The glass is removed for the sake of clarity in one of the pictures above. All whipping tendrils in the dark office. Pretty cool, right?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome to Night Vale LDD: Abandoned Concepts

While I've been working on these Welcome to Night Vale LEGO designs,  This turns into a lot of junked designs as I hammer through stuff.

Desert Bluffs

Kevin's desk is identical to Cecil's in every way but redone in orange and yellow, with bloody hands and a bone microphone. And unlike Cecil, he has a skull for a face. Ultimately I felt like building the exact same thing twice with slightly different colors would be boring, and that Kevin wasn't interesting enough on his own to warrant a part in this playset. Carlos provides a much more interesting foil for this set.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

LEGO LDD: Welcome To Night Vale

I'm working on updating my Welcome To Nightvale fan project to include some ideas from commenters. I decided to eliminate the BLOOD STONE CIRCLE in favor a more poignant and character-driven set: Carlos' laboratory.

Carlos' lab consists of a workbench, stool, and desk with four drawers. He's experimenting on a clock. Clocks... don't work in Night Vale. Time doesn't work in Night Vale. And he wants to find out why. In the picture above he's also listening to Cecil's show while he works.

Some of the different options for what Carlos could have on his desk. I really like the clock, but I wanted to capture some other ideas. The first here is a a collection of complicated science equipment. The second contains three shelves of science materials. The last is a micro-model of the Nonexistent House in the Desert Creek Housing Development. A hinge on the back wall allows Carlos to tinker around inside the model.